Ashley is the owner/operator of Ashley Lynn Fry Photography & Creative styling & obviously the name behind it too! Since it is such a mouthful she is totally fine with you calling it “ALF Photo Style” instead & has adopted & accepted the nickname “ALF” even though an 80’s sitcom alien technically had it first.

Ashley is obsessed with all things art & design & definitely sees the world in a different way because of it. She is constantly curating everything around her & rarely designs anything the same way twice. She is openly addicted to coffee & is a Mama to a blue-eyed baby girl who isn’t so much a “baby” anymore.

As you’ve more than likely figured out, Ashley is a photographer of people + places + things which is why this website & business even exist. However, capturing the LOVE between individuals & the things they love most via photographs is her true passion & the real reason why she does what she does.

When not taking photographs (or editing them) Ashley can be found making abstract art with her daughter, scouting new photo shoot locations, trying out new restaurants & cocktails or Instagraming photos of pretty much anything she finds beautiful & interesting.

She has seventeen tattoos & counting. Her favorite color is Gold, her favorite chocolate is dark & if she could have lunch with anyone dead or alive it is a tie between Bea Arthur & Benjamin Franklin.

Ashley’s favorite quote & philosophy on life is, “There is never any harm in asking an honest question.”  


(Photograph by Christina Yee)